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Choose when and how to pay vendors.

Gain more control over your payment process. Schedule free ACH bank transfers or pay by card, even where they aren’t accepted*—your choice. There are no subscription fees and your vendors don’t need to sign up.

Melio’s vendors tab and mobile app allowing to Pay by card

Faster delivery times

Your payment due date is coming soon? Pay vendors with instant bank transfers. Vendor only accepts checks? We’ll send a fast check that arrives within 3 business days.

Seamless sync

Connect accounting software to eliminate dual data entry and simplify reconciliation. Vendors, bills, and payments are updated on Melio and your accounting software.

Control payments

Assign roles and permissions for your team and digitize your approval workflow. That way you’ll have full transparency over expenses and always be in the know.

Better cash flow

Get your vendors paid on time, while staying in control of cash flow. Pay by card and defer payments for up to 45 days. Or, make same-day transfers to hold onto cash longer.

Partnerships that put small businesses first.

Melio has built infrastructure that provides tailor-made payment capabilities specifically designed for small businesses. Partners can integrate our embedded accounts payable and receivable technology to provide their customers with a seamless and customized workflow, more financial control, and better cash flow.

Logos of Melio’s partners Shopify, Capital One, and Clover.

We’re proud of our customers’ success.

Patriot Welding Supply

“The amount of time that Melio saves me is invaluable. It gives me more time to spend with the customers.” Jenny Hernandez‍, Co-founder

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Jenny & Leo Hernandez, founders of Patriot Welding Supply.

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