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How your payment link works.

Step 1

Create it.

Add your logo and pick a unique URL. It can be your business’ name or whatever you want it to be.

Step 2

Share it.

Put your link on your invoices, website, emails, or send it directly to your business customers.

Step 3

Get paid.

They can pay by card or ACH bank transfer. You get paid right into your bank account.

The perks of using your payment link.

Get paid quicker.

No need to attach an invoice or any other paperwork. Anytime your customers want to pay you, it’s simple—click, pay and done.

Keep your info secure.

When your customers click your link, they just see your payment page and fill in how much they want to pay. Your bank details stay private.

Offer more payment options.

Your customers can choose the way they want to pay – ACH bank transfer (free) or card (2.9% fee). They get more flexibility and you still get paid your way.

Using the link made payments easier for De Maison East.

André Tamers, Founder of De Maison East

“The best thing about Melio is that there’s no guesswork, there’s no mail, it just comes. Customers can just click on a link and actually pay their bills.”

André Tamers, Founder of De Maison East

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Open your Melio account, go to Settings > Company Settings. Scroll down until you see the Payment page section. Click copy link and you got it.

It’s simple. They put in the amount they want to pay you and can choose to add an invoice (optional). Then they pick how they want to pay and that’s it!

You decide! Either your customers can cover the fee or you can. The default is that your customers will pay it, but you can easily change this by going to Settings > Receiving Methods.

It’s easy to set up. Go to Get Paid and click the button that says Start getting paid. Choose your custom URL, add your logo, company’s legal details and the bank account that you want to use to receive payments. Copy your new link and start getting paid!