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Announcing Melio Accountants

Keeping Small Business in Business

Our mission at Melio is to “Keep Small Business in Business” – but this is a mission that the Melio team can’t do alone. A small business needs a team of support to be successful. This is why today, the team at Melio is proud to announce that we are expanding our focus to the hundreds of thousands of accountants and bookkeepers that support small businesses to make them successful.

For those of you not yet familiar with Melio, let me give you some background.

A few years back, the founders of Melio talked to hundreds of small business owners about bills and paying bills. Then they assembled an all-star development team of designers and engineers. The Melio team created the perfect product for a small business owner to easily pay bills and receive payments. The design, ease of use, and price (which is free) have allowed small business owners to finally have a business-to-business payments solution that can effectively replace their use of paper checks and clunky bank websites. Small business owners quickly discovered that they LOVED Melio!

They started to show Melio to their accountants and bookkeepers who then wanted to collaborate with the small business owners on their bill payment processes.

The Melio Accountants Journey

Today, accountants and bookkeepers now have a home at Melio, and access to tons of new product functionality that was added to Melio so accountants and bookkeepers could better support their clients.

Some highlights of what the team has built over the last seven months:

    • Manage and switch between multiple clients with one log-in
    • The Melio dashboard lets you easily add clients and provides a concise view of each client’s unpaid and scheduled payments.
    • The ability to be added to a small business in Melio, as an accountant
    • Unlimited user roles
    • Payment approval workflows
    • Enhanced email notifications including summaries of activities by each client
    • Vendor ACH self-onboarding
    • Deepening the integration with QuickBooks Online
    • Flexibility to support clients, whether directly from QuickBooks Online or from the Melio interface
    • A dedicated Melio Accountants service and support team just for accountants and bookkeepers

I’m an outsourced CFO for multiple organizations, and Melio makes it easy to manage my clients’ payables.  Previously, I was logging in to each client’s banking billpay service and reentering all of the vendor and bill information. Since Melio is fully integrated with QuickBooks, I just pay the bills from the Melio interface — with a single login — and QuickBooks is updated.  What a great timesaver!

Dan Weiss, CPA, JD – Founder/President Counterpart CFO

The Future of Melio Accountants

Looking at where Melio was twelve weeks ago, where it is today, and where the product will be in the next few months. I’m extremely excited about the future of Melio Accountants as we continue to grow.

In the short term, accountants can look forward to a more robust accountants dashboard, expanded ability to better manage your clients and team, as well as more control over the email and notifications that you and your clients receive.

In the medium term, we are working to build the best-in-class integration with QuickBooks Online for both A/P and A/R, offering more payment options including international payments, and expanded roles and approval workflows.

In the longer term, we’ll one day have integrations with other accounting software platforms, features for power users, and a Melio Accountants training and certification program.

Finally, a simple electronic payment method to streamline bill pay. We’re one step closer to getting rid of checks all together! The Melio dashboard takes convenience to the next level.

Amy Walker ‍CPA CEO, Walker Agency

Getting Started‍

If you haven’t given Melio Payments a try yet – Please click here to quickly start adding your firm and clients today.

And to all the accountants and bookkeepers out there the team would like to say –

“Welcome to the #FaMelio! 💜”

*This blog post is intended for informational purposes only and is not intended as financial advice.
**Melio does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice, and you should consult with a professional advisor before making any financial decisions.