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Melio update following data breach at Evolve Bank & Trust

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We are providing an important update following a data breach at one of our banking providers, Evolve Bank & Trust, a regulated bank. 

Melio is working diligently to investigate the details of the incident and to determine the impact on customer data. Evolve has confirmed that it does include information relating to Evolve’s bank-funded payment processing activities, including for Melio customer bank-funded payments processed by Evolve. 

It is important to emphasize that our customers do not open and hold deposit accounts with Evolve directly. The information you provided as part of your registration to Melio (including EIN, SSN of individuals, or date of birth) is NOT SHARED with Evolve as part of the payment process on an ongoing basis and is unlikely to be impacted. We also do not share card details with Evolve, so your card details are not implicated.

What we know:

Evolve is one of three bank providers Melio works with to process payments for our customers. The only information shared with Evolve on an ongoing basis is information required for Evolve to process a bank-funded payment. When Evolve processes a payment for a Melio customer, payment information such as bank account number, routing account number, and certain payor and recipient details (name and sometimes address), is shared with Evolve. 

Your Melio account:

We want to reassure you that your Melio account credentials, including your password, are safe. We can also assure you that your Melio account and the Melio services are fully operational and operating as usual.

Next steps:

We are committed to maintaining tight privacy and risk controls to identify potential misuse attempts of bank account data. We recommend that you keep an eye on your financial activity, specifically involving bank accounts that you may have used to make payments on the Melio platform. As always, please be cautious of suspicious calls, texts or emails asking about sensitive information, or changing bank account routing information.

From the beginning of our operations, Melio’s top priority has been to be the safest, most secure payment platform. This will remain our priority, and we will continue taking measures to ensure that our platform is secure. We are continuing to investigate this matter and will update with any further important developments.