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Melio welcomes two new VPs: Michael Brous and Nir Galon

Melio is excited to announce that Michael Brous and Nir Galon have joined its executive team. Formerly with Airbnb, Michael now serves as Melio’s VP of Business Development. Nir, formerly with Intuit, BlueVine, and Rewire, has been appointed VP of Product.

As VP of Business Development, Michael will be in charge of leading strategic partnerships and scaling Melio’s presence and impact in the market. Michael brings extensive deal-making experience to the team, driving billions of dollars of deal value throughout his career with some of the top tech companies in the world.

Michael Brous, VP Business Development

Before joining Melio, Michael was a senior leader on the business development team at Airbnb, where he led strategic partnerships to help accelerate the company’s core business and drive deals with global brands including Apple, Amex, Delta, Tesla, Disney, and Mastercard. Prior to Airbnb, Michael was at Yahoo!, where he built and managed a global network of partners in the search marketplace.

“Melio is a hyper-growth startup, backed by world-class investors, which is revolutionizing the way businesses pay each other,” Michael said. “In light of the impact that Covid-19 has had on our economy, I’m excited to help lead this mission-driven company and to keep small businesses in business.”

“It’s amazing what Melio’s team has already accomplished, surging to multi-billion dollar payment volumes in less than two years, and I’m fired up to help accelerate meaningful growth.”

As VP of Product, Nir will oversee product management at Melio, which encompasses all customer-facing and platform products. Nir will harness his track record of successfully building and scaling FinTech products with his deep understanding of the small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) space to accelerate Melio, which has been growing by 700% over the past year.

Nir Golan, VP Product

Prior to Melio, Nir was a leader in product organizations for top companies in the FinTech ecosystem, including Intuit, BlueVine, and Rewire. Nir brings mission-critical industry experience ranging from consumer bill pay to SMB financing, international payments, and digital wallets.

“As someone who experienced first hand the struggles of small businesses with making payments and managing cash flow, I’m thrilled to join Melio, a company focused on addressing these pain points,” Nir said.

“I am highly impressed by the strong team built by the founders and the customer-centric approach of the product. Looking to the future, I’m excited to be a part of this journey and help revolutionize the B2B payment ecosystem by building an elegant product that simplifies and enhances fintech for SMBs.”

Co-Founder & CEO Matan Bar said that “Melio is proud to have attracted world-class talent and savvy leaders like Michael and Nir, and I’m confident that they will be instrumental in helping Melio scale to the next level.”

Good luck to Michael and Nir from the entire Melio team!

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