Pay and track all your business expenses in one place.

Paying and tracking business expenses with Melio is easy. In just a few clicks, you can manage and pay utility bills, vendors, contractors and even rent.

Easily pay all your business expenses with Melio B2B payment platform

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Increase cash flow.

Pay with a credit card (2.9% fee), even where they aren’t accepted.* This lets you collect rewards and cover your business expenses on time while putting off payments until your next billing cycle.

Get flexibility and control.

Pay your business expenses your way—ACH bank transfer or card. Your vendor or supplier can choose how they’d like to receive the payment: check or bank transfer. They don’t even need a Melio account to accept it.

Accounting software integration.

Melio seamlessly syncs with QuickBooks Online and Xero for an easier, faster payments process. All data is available from both dashboards so no payment goes missing and everything is organized in one place.

Melio helps you stay in control of your business expenses.

Melio is free

Melio has no monthly subscription fee. Plus, ACH bank transfers are always free.

Easy bill capture

Effortlessly scan bills, connect your Gmail account to import invoices, or send them straight to your Melio account, saving you valuable time.

Better payment control

Split your bills into multiple payments and different payment methods for maximum control.

International payments

Pay business expenses to vendors around the world directly from your dashboard.

Save time

Easily schedule payments in advance to save time and never miss a bill.

Pay on the go

Make payments using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Manage it all anytime, anywhere.

Safe & secure

We reduce the risk of fraud by using automated solutions to flag high-risk transactions and activity.

Customer support

Our team is always here to help and answer any question you may have about Melio and your business expenses.

What our customers say:

Thaxton & Associates

“Melio helps my company be more successful. Plain and simple. It’s been a money saver and it’s been a time saver.” Michael T. Thaxton‍, Founder and President

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Michael T. Thaxton‍, the Founder and President of Thaxton & Associates


Less time spent on accounts payable

80 hrs / week

Time saved on reconciliation

$12K / month

Money saved by digitizing AP

FAQ for paying business expenses

Paying your business bills with Melio is easy. You can pay business utility bills, vendors, contractors, legal expenses and even rent.

Absolutely. Melio users can now pay business vendors around the world directly from the dashboard. You send an international bank transfer and your vendor will receive a wire transfer.

No, at this time Melio is designed for business-to-business (B2B) payments only.

At the end of your payment process, you have the option to notify your vendors or suppliers by email once the business expense has begun processing and is on the way.

Yes! Connect Melio with QuickBooks Online or Xero to save time and eliminate double data entry. It’s also completely free and takes about a minute.