Pay all your contractors and freelancers in the same place.

Freelancers and contractors are a vital part of growing your business. Melio is the perfect solution to pay them quickly and easily, by ACH bank transfer or a card—even where cards aren’t accepted.*

Easily pay contrantors and freelancers with Melio B2B payment platform.

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Get total payment flexibility.

Pick your payment method – ACH bank transfer (free) or card (2.9% fee). Your contractors and freelancers choose how they’d like to receive the payment—check or bank transfer. They don’t even need a Melio account to accept it.

Hold onto your cash longer.

Defer payments when you pay by credit card. Get your contractors and freelancers paid on time while you keep your cash until the next billing cycle. So you get more time and rack up those rewards.

Keep your books in order.

Melio seamlessly connects with QuickBooks Online or Xero for an easier, faster payment process. With automatic 2-way sync, no payment goes missing and everything is always up to date in both places.

Melio is the simplest way to pay contractors and freelancers.

Save money

Melio has no monthly subscription fee. Plus, ACH bank transfers are free.

Easier bill pay

Your invoices are automatically read by our AI technology that grabs all of the relevant info to schedule payment.

Payment flexibility

Split your bills into multiple payments and different payment methods for more control of your cash flow.

International payments

Make payments to contractors and freelancers around the world from your dashboard.

Scheduled payments

Time all your payments in advance, so you never miss a bill or pay a late fee again.

Pay wherever you are

Send payments using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Track and manage them anytime, anywhere.

Safety first

We reduce the risk of fraud by using automated solutions to flag high-risk transactions and activity.

Expert support

Our team is always here to help and answer any question you may have about Melio and your business payments.

What our customers say:

SPN Events

“With Melio, payments arrive in just 1-2 business days or even on the same day, which helps the company keep its most valuable asset, the artists, happy.” Stanislav Nikolav, Founder & CEO

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Stanislav Nikolav, Founder & CEO, SPN Events


Less time spent on administrative work


Improvement in cash flow


Faster payments to contractors and freelancers

FAQ for paying contractors & freelancers

You can pay freelancers, contractors and any business bill. Here are some examples:



Graphic designers

Accountants & bookkeepers

Rent (when your landlord is a business not an individual)




Add the bill or invoice: snap a photo with your phone, upload a file, add details manually or sync with your accounting software. You can also have your vendors send invoices directly to your Melio Pay inbox. Choose your preferred payment method (ACH bank transfer or card) and how your vendor would like to get paid (ACH bank transfer or paper check).

When you make a payment, they will get a notification via email. The email includes the amount, how they will receive payment (ACH bank transfer or paper check), when it’s scheduled, the name of your company and the invoice number.

Connect your QuickBooks Online or Xero account to get started. That way, you can track every invoice you’re sent and never need to worry whether you’ve paid the copywriter in California or your graphic designer in London.

Absolutely. You can make international payments for any business-related reason directly from your Melio dashboard. Pay by ACH bank transfer and your payment will be delivered as a wire transfer.