An easier way to pay and receive rent payments online.

Simplify how you manage lease and rent payments with Melio. Use ACH bank transfers for free. Or pay with your card—even where cards aren’t usually accepted.

Easily pay business expenses like rent or lease with Melio B2B payment platform

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Choose how to pay.

Pay for rent your way—ACH bank transfer (free) or card (2.9% fee). Your landlord still receives payment their way—check or bank transfer.

Schedule in advance.

Set up recurring payments for whenever your rent payments are due. This way you don’t have to think about it each month and they’ll always be on time.

Set up recurring payments for whenever your rent payments are due.

Track tenant payments.

When dealing with renters, you need to make sure you’re getting paid every month. No matter where you are, Melio allows you to send and manage payment requests online.

Track the status of every payment

How Melio helps you make online rent payments.

Free platform

Melio has no monthly subscription fee. Plus, ACH to ACH bank transfers are free.

Pay on the go

Use your mobile device, tablet, or laptop to make a rent payment online—anytime, anywhere.

One tool for all your bills

Take care of your rent payments and all your other business bills from the same place.

Rack up rewards

Pay rent with your credit card, even where cards aren’t accepted.* And collect rewards every time.

No more late fees

Speed up payments with a fast ACH bank transfer. This way rent is always paid on time.

Work with QuickBooks & Xero

Your rent payments automatically sync, so your books stay in check.

Safe & secure

We reduce the risk of fraud by using automated solutions to flag high-risk transactions and activity.

Customer care

Our experts are always here to help and answer any question you may have about your payments.

What our customers say:

Aora Cargo

“What I like about Melio is how easy it is to make and schedule payments. We reduced payment costs by about $300 a month.” Ignacio Araya, Founder & CEO

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Ignacio Araya, Founder & CEO of Aora Cargo


Faster payments to drivers and dispatch service


Money saved by digitizing AP

3 hours/week

Time saved in paying accounts

FAQ for making rent & lease payments

  1. Upload your rent bill.
  2. Make the payment – by ACH bank transfer or card.
  3. Choose how your landlord receives the payment—by check or ACH bank transfer.

Yes, you can get paid by your tenants as long as they are renting from you for business purposes! Melio is specifically for business payments, so your tenant needs to legally be a business in order to use it to pay you.

When you send a payment, they get notified via email. The email includes the bill amount, how they will receive the money (ACH bank transfer or paper check) and when it’s scheduled.

With Melio, you can pay one way and your landlord still gets paid the way they want. It doesn’t matter if you pay by bank transfer or card, we send your landlord a secure check on your behalf. Best part? The first 2 checks every month are free!

Yes! Connect QuickBooks Online or Xero to save time and stop doing the same work in two places. It’s also completely free and takes about a minute to set up.