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Learn how Melio helps Accounting Solutions reduce the time it spends on accounts payable by 60%

Small business owners often rely on external accountants and bookkeepers to manage their finances throughout the year. For Accounting Solutions, a Brooklyn-based financial consultancy firm serving small businesses, this means using Melio to pay its clients’ bills.


In payment handling time

8 hrs/month

Time saved
On paying bills


Less time
Spent on year-end audits

‍Meet Accounting Solutions‍

Accounting Solutions provides financial services for small business owners across many industries

Becky Rogoff founded the firm in 2007. The global financial crisis that followed created a new demand for freelance accounting support that incorporated more than tax preparation. To keep up with the economic changes, businesses needed to create cash flow projections and future-focused planning to help them make better decisions.

According to Becky, incorporating automation tools freed her up to provide more of a macro view to business owners. “By focusing on pain points and defining goals, I help business owners find answers in their numbers and feel more confident in their decision making”.

“Running a small business can feel lonely at times, and having a sounding board and shared resources can be very helpful,” she said. “Entrepreneurs try to be a jack of all trades while managing different roles, but growing a business needs laser-focused attention.” Automated bill pay such as Melio can clear some of the chaos and streamline workflows.

“Before Melio, there were always third-party platforms to pay bills but integration was not ideal. What’s great about Melio is how seamless the process is. With one click the bill is captured, payment processed, recorded, bank register adjusted and proof of payment is sent to the vendor. “

Becky Rogoff Founder, Accounting Solutions

The challenge

Becky tried various third-party platforms to pay her clients’ bills but found that none were ideal and they were expensive to use. In the wake of the lockdowns imposed due to Covid-19, Becky needed more than ever a reliable solution to “get things done remotely,” as her focus turned to helping her clients pivot to stay afloat, she said.

The solution

Melio’s platform notifies vendors which invoice was paid, confirms the bank account a payment was made to, and lets them know when to expect the funds. “Melio works so seamlessly within Quickbooks that it made our day-to-day job a lot easier and it made the clients feel more comfortable,” she said.

With Melio, Accounting Solutions was able to cut down the time it spends on accounts payable by 60% and the time spent on year-end audits by 30%. This freed Becky up to devote herself to helping clients deal with difficulties that arose from the pandemic. It has been important for Becky to provide her clients with a feeling that they have the support they need and “are not just winging it on their own.”

“Because Melio is transparent, everybody is alerted that a bill pay has been initiated. You have the ability to cancel a payment, you have the ability to transfer funds in time, you have the ability to plan ahead,” she said.

Join Accounting Solutions and other accounting and bookkeeping firms who are already managing their clients’ bill pay with Melio, saving both time and data entry.