More cash to keep your business flowing.

Businesses like yours rely on steady cash flow to keep things running smoothly. With Melio, you can schedule payments, expedite them, or pay bills with a credit card, and have more cash to reinvest in your business.

Businesses manage their accounts payable through Melio to better manage their cash flow.

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Hang onto cash longer

Pay your business bills with a credit card, even where cards aren’t accepted,* and hold onto cash for up to 45 extra days. Vendors get paid on time while you only pay when your credit card bill is due.

Schedule payments in advance

Choose when you want the payment to go out. Make payments as close to the due date as possible, ensuring they’ll arrive on time while avoiding late fees or early payment cash flow issues.

Control incoming payments

Late payments can throw off your cash flow. Use Melio to get paid directly into your bank account. Send payment reminders before the due date to make sure the money is coming in right on time.

Easily manage your accounts receivable by sending payment requests and tracking incoming payments.

More ways to increase cash flow with Melio.

No subscription fees

Melio is free to use and ACH to ACH bank transfers cost $0.

Keep track of everything

Track and manage all transactions in one place so nothing falls through the cracks.

Manage approvals

Set up payment responsibilities so you’re always on top of who’s managing which payments.

Sync with accounting software

Connect with QuickBooks or Xero to generate an up-to-date cash flow statement.

Fast payments

Expedite ACH bank transfers. Get your vendors paid on time but hold onto cash longer.

Partial payments

Hold onto cash longer by splitting bills into multiple payments and payment methods.

Pay on the go

Whether you’re on your commute or traveling—use your phone to send payments in a click.

Pay globally

Choose the vendors that are best for your business and cash flow—in or out of the U.S.

How SPN Events improved their cash flow.


"Small business owners need to keep expenses low. Melio offers the possibility of using a credit card in order to have more cash flow.” Stanislav Nikolov, Founder and CEO

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Stanislav Nikolav, Founder & CEO, SPN Events

FAQ about cash flow

Cash flow is a measurement of the flow of cash in and out of your business. When more cash is coming in than going out, it’s known as positive cash flow. Free cash flow is the money that remains after paying for things like payroll, rent, and taxes. Operating cash flow indicates whether a company has enough cash to maintain and grow its operations. Every business’s cash flow is affected by payment management.

Yes. Melio lets you pay by credit card (for a 2.9% fee), even when your vendor doesn’t accept credit cards. That way, you can defer payments to the end of the billing cycle.

To get paid faster and increase cash flow, you can set up your customized Melio payment link. Share it directly with customers so they can initiate a payment whenever they want–without you having to send a payment request.

Melio is an accounts payable and receivable tool, meaning it only shows that aspect of your financials. However, Melio has a 2-way sync with QuickBooks Online and Xero. When syncing with your accounting software, all transactions made with Melio are automatically recorded in your books, making it easier to create an accurate cash flow statement.