Stay ahead with fast payments.

When growing your business, you need to always be in control. Melio helps you make fast decisions by paying at the speed that’s right for each payment. Same-day transfer, fast checks, and even instant payments—the choice is yours

Strengthen your business with fast payments.

Seize opportunities.

A smooth bill pay process can help move your business forward. Pay at a speed that’s right for your growing business and close deals that will help you get ahead.

Business owners closing a deal.

More ways to control cash flow.

Melio offers a variety of payment methods and speeds to support smart cash flow management. Make fast or even instant payments according to your needs.

Expect the unexpected.

Do you need to pay your vendor last minute? Send the payment on the same day or instantly to avoid late fees and maintain good relationships.

Get your vendors paid on time with instant transfers.

Your vendor can expedite delivery as well.

Melio offers your vendors many options to receive their funds faster, from instant to same-day transfers and more.

Instant delivery

Eligible vendors can opt-in to receive funds instantly to their bank account—24/7, all year round. Learn more >

Vendors can opt-in to receive instant transfer.

Single-use virtual card

Vendors who choose single-use virtual card as their delivery method can process payments instantly, at any time. Learn more >

Melio’s single use virtual card.

Same-day bank transfer

Eligible vendors can select the option to get paid directly to their bank account by the end of the business day.5 Learn more >

Eligible vendors can get paid directly to their bank account by the end of the business day.


Fast payment options at Melio carry a fee. Here’s a summary for businesses who initiate a payment to vendors: 

  • Same-day bank transfers: 1%, up to $30 
  • Fast check: $20 flat fee 
  • Card payments: 2.9% fee 
  • Instant payments: 1% fee, up to $50. When paying by card, an additional 2.9% fee will apply.

Learn more about Melio pricing.

Delivery speed depends on which payment and delivery method was selected when scheduling the payment. Instant transfers scheduled on weekdays between 2 a.m. and 7 p.m. ET typically arrive within minutes. Fast ACH and card payments arrive on the same day (when scheduled before 2 p.m. ET). When scheduled later, the payment will arrive by the end of the next business day. Fast check is delivered within 3 business days.
Check out this list for information about all transaction time frames.

Each instant transfer is based on eligibility, and payments of over $50K cannot be made instantly.

The payment process at Melio is quick and easy. First, choose the payment method you wish to use (that could be card or ACH bank transfer). Next, choose the debit date, in which the funds are deducted from your account. Then, pick how your vendor wants to receive the payment (including by fast check).
Your vendor will receive an email, which allows them to expedite the payment themselves.
Learn more about how to pay instantly, with fast check, or fast ACH.

Not necessarily. As your security is our priority, fast payments and delivery options vary from account to account and are subject to eligibility factors, including payment amount, payment history, account history, and other parameters.