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Pay your way.

Choose the payment method that’s best for your business (ACH bank transfer or card). Your vendors still get paid how they choose (bank transfer or check). It’s a win-win.

More cash to keep your business running.

Use your credit card to pay your vendors, suppliers, and business expenses. Defer payments to the next billing cycle and free up cash to invest back into your business.

Get paid faster.

Share your payment link with business customers so they can pay you quickly and easily–no need to attach an invoice. They pay their way, and you receive payments directly into your bank account, every time.

Make it easier to run your business:

Save money

You can use Melio for free. There are no subscription fees and ACH-to-ACH bank transfers have no cost.

Upload bills easily

Scan bills or email hundreds of invoices to your bills inbox at once. All details will automatically be uploaded and ready to go.

Pay on the go

Pay vendors and check the status of any payment—all from your phone.

Earn rewards

Pay by credit card and collect more of the rewards you love—like points, cashback, and miles.

Avoid fraud

Your bank details are never on the check, helping protect you from fraud & check forgery.

Connect QuickBooks & Xero

Payments and invoices are automatically synced two ways, so no payment goes missing and you’re all set up for easy accounting.

Plan payments in advance

Schedule payments ahead of time to better manage your cash flow. Bonus? No more late fees.

Stay safe, secure & compliant

Melio reduces the risk of fraud by using advanced AI risk and compliance tools.

This is why professionals choose Melio.

Michael T. Thaxton, Founder and President, Thaxton & Associates

“Melio helps my company be more successful. Plain and simple. It’s been a money saver and it’s been a time saver.”

Michael T. Thaxton, Founder and President, Thaxton & Associates

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You can pay for almost any business expense through Melio. This includes: 

  • IT support and equipment 
  • Marketing 
  • Contractors and subcontractors 
  • Office expenses
  • Utilities
  • Equipment 
  • Cleaning services

Yes. You can use your card to pay for professional services bills. By using a card, you can defer payments to the next billing cycle and hold onto cash longer.

No matter who you’re paying–your IT person, a marketing agency, or for rent, and whether your vendors have a Melio account or not, they receive a notification via email. The email includes the payment method, name of your company, and invoice number.

Of course. Professionals can use Melio to get paid. Accepting payments for professional services is easy. Your business clients can pay you the way they want and you get paid directly into your bank account.

To add the bill or invoice, take a photo with your phone, upload a file, or add details manually. You can also have your vendors send invoices directly to your Melio Pay inbox. Choose your payment method and how your vendor would like to get paid.