The perfect payment solution for the retail industry.

In-store or online, your retail business needs a reliable payment solution. Melio allows you to pay wholesalers, producers and suppliers your way & maximize your cash flow while you do it.

Business owners from the retail industry pay business bills easily with Melio.

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Multiple payment options.

Make payments the way that works best for you: ACH bank transfer (free) or card (2.9% fee). Then choose how your suppliers get paid out: check or bank transfer. They don’t even need a Melio account to receive the payment.

Increase cash flow.

Use your credit card, even where they aren’t usually accepted*. This allows you to defer payments until your next billing cycle, leaving you more cash on hand to reinvest in your retail business.

Seamlessly sync with your accounting software.

Melio connects with QuickBooks Online and Xero for an easier, faster payment process. All data is available from both dashboards so nothing goes missing and everything is organized in one place.

8 reasons retailers use Melio.

Save time

Easily upload your bills, schedule payments in advance and keep track of it all on one organized dashboard.

Free platform

Melio is free to use and there are no monthly fees, only some transactions have a cost attached.

Full visibility

Always know when payments are due, if they’ve already been paid and manage them all from your dashboard.

Stay on top of payments

Never miss a payment. Schedule transactions in advance to better manage your cash flow.

Global payments

Pay all your suppliers and subcontractors, including those outside the US, easily from your dashboard.

Earn more rewards

Make payments with your credit card to collect rewards like points and cash back on all your business expenses.

Manage payments with your team

With approval workflows you can set different roles and payment permissions for everyone on your team.

Secure, safe & compliant

We reduce the risk of fraud by using automated solutions to flag high-risk transactions and activity.

These retailers work smarter with Melio.


“Melio has been a huge time saver for us. I estimate that we save at least 2 hours a day just on the manual input of invoices details." Mason Sagan, Founder

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Mason Sagan, Founder, Regency


Faster onboarding of new supply partners


Increase in revenue by pivoting quickly to new supply demands

2 hrs/day

Time saved on manual data input

FAQ for retail businesses:

With Melio you can pay all your suppliers, producers, wholesalers and any other retail business expense you may have, like:




Raw materials

Inventory suppliers


Telecoms providers

Produce suppliers




Food suppliers

Professional services


Adding your supplier or vendor is easy. Go to your accounts dashboard, select ‘vendor’, add their details, review and confirm.

Add a bill or invoice: upload a file, take a picture with your phone, add details manually, or sync with your accounting software. You can also have your vendors send invoices directly to your inbox on Melio. Choose your payment method, and how your vendor would like to get paid.

When you pay for your supplies, ingredients or any other related business expense, your supplier will get a notification via email. The email includes the payment method, name of your company and invoice number.

Sign up with your QuickBooks Online account or Xero account. If you already signed up with your email, you can sync your accounting software in settings