Streamline your wholesale payments with Melio.

Wholesalers are a crucial part of the supply chain. Simplify how you pay and get paid by other businesses. Pay by bank transfer for free or by card to pay for inventory now, and defer payment to the end of the billing cycle.

Wholesalers use Melio to pay vendors

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Payment flexibility.

Control how and when you pay and get paid. Choose the payment method that works best for you, including ACH bank transfers for free or cards—even where they aren’t accepted.*

International payments.

Centralize business payments by paying manufacturers from all around the world from the same platform you use to pay your local vendors and other business expenses.

International payments at Melio

Improved cash flow.

Melio offers multiple tools to better manage your cash flow while buying inventory in bulk. Pay exactly at the right time with pay over time, card payments, or instant transfers to avoid late payments and keep more cash on hand.

It’s now easier to manage your wholesale business.

Free ACH bank transfer

Pay and get paid by ACH bank transfer at no cost.

Partial payments

Divide a single invoice into several payments and different methods.

Pay over time

Vendors get paid on time, in full. Choose repayment term—from Net 30 and up to 12 monthly installments.

Pay multiple bills at once

Save time by paying several bills in one click. Plus, pay multiple bills to the same vendor at once.

Recurring payments

Set up recurring payments for your regular wholesale bills. Schedule once and always be on time.

Pay on the go

No matter where you are, use the mobile app to pay vendors with a swipe.

Accounting software sync

Melio connects with QuickBooks Online or Xero so all bills, vendors, and payments are up to date.

Secure platform

We reduce the risk of fraud by using automated solutions to flag high-risk transactions and activity.

This is why wholesale companies choose Melio.

Mondi Int'l

“Melio is the only efficient solution to paying our vendors using a credit card. An all-in-one payment solution!” Mo Hteit, Director


You can pay all the business expenses for your wholesale business like:



Utility bills 

Professional services



When paying with Melio, you can choose to pay however you want, including by card (2.9% fee), even if your vendors don’t accept them. When paying by card, you can defer payment to the next billing cycle. Plus, you can also collect card rewards when paying for business expenses.

You can schedule a payment for all unpaid and partially paid bills in one go to save valuable time. You can also combine payments to the same vendor so they receive one payment for multiple bills and you save on fees.

It’s easy to upload and pay your wholesale business bills with Melio. There are a few ways to add a bill:

  • Take a photo 
  • Upload a file
  • Manually enter the details
  • Connect with your accounting software
  • Have your vendors send invoices directly to your Melio Pay inbox (or you can forward them yourself)

It’s our top priority to be the safest, most secure payment platform. No matter how you choose to pay and get paid, we make sure you, your vendors, and your customers’ financial and private details are always secure.