The perfect payment solution for the wine and spirits industry.

From paying rent, utilities, vineyards and breweries to getting paid by your business customers—you can do it all with Melio.

Business owners from the wine and spirits industry pay business bills easily with Melio

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Increase cash flow.

Pay by credit card so you can buy supplies now and postpone payment until your next billing cycle. This leaves you more cash to use on your wine and spirits business today.

Pay on your own terms.

Select how you’d like to pay: ACH bank transfer (free) or card (2.9% fee). Your vendor can choose how they’d like to receive it: check or bank transfer. Best part? They don’t even need a Melio account to accept the funds.

Manage all payments from one place.

Send and track every payment from one easy-to-use dashboard. So you spend less time chasing vendors and more time on your wine and spirits business

Send and track every payment from one place.

Melio makes it easier to run your wine and spirits business.

Free platform

No sign-up fees or monthly subscription. Melio is free to use—only specific transactions carry a small fee.

Save time with auto entry

Upload a file and we’ll do the rest. Our AI technology will grab relevant info needed to schedule your payment.

Stay on top of payments

Never miss a payment. Schedule transactions in advance and better manage your cash flow in the process.

Payment flexibility

Combine payments to the same vendor, schedule recurring payments or split bills to control your cash flow.

Sync QuickBooks & Xero

Keep your books in order by connecting your accounting software.

Safe & secure

We reduce the risk of fraud by using automated solutions to flag high-risk transactions and activity.

Manage approvals

Invite others to your account including your accountant. Decide on roles & permissions to stay in control at all times.

We’re here to help

Our experienced team is always here to answer any questions you have about making payments with Melio.

This is why businesses like De Maison East choose Melio.

De Maison East

“Melio allows you to have more time to focus on other things.” Ryan Looper, Director

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André Tamers, founder of De Maison East and Ryan Looper, director od De Maison East drinking wine

FAQ for wine & spirits businesses

With Melio you can pay all your vendors, suppliers, distributors and any other business expenses you may have. These include: 









Professional services

Go to your accounts dashboard, select ‘vendor’, add their details, review and confirm. It’s that simple.

Add the bill or invoice: upload a file, take a picture with your phone or add details manually. You can also have your vendor send invoices directly to your Melio Pay inbox. Select your payment method along with how your wine supplier, spirit vendor or anyone other business payee wants to get paid.

No matter who you’re paying—a vineyard, distiller or wine packager—they’ll receive a notification via email. The email includes the payment method, name of your company and invoice number.

Sign up with your Intuit account to get started. This way, you can track any invoices sent to you and you never have to worry about whether you’ve paid that wine vendor in New York or spirits distributor in Louisiana.