Free ACH bank transfers. No subscription fees.

Melio gives you total payment flexibility. Send and receive ACH bank transfers for free or choose a payment method that works best for your business.

Free features that come with every Melio account:

Unlimited users
Accounting software sync
Approval workflows
Easy bill capture
Payment tracking & updates
Data & form export
Bills management
Custom payment requests
QuickBooks and Xero sync with Melio

Accounting software sync.

Melio syncs with QuickBooks and Xero. So you can see invoices in both places, send payment requests easily and auto-reconcile payments.

Business owner invites others to join her Melio account, for an improved approval workflow

Approval workflows.

Invite others to your Melio account including your accountant. Set up roles, permissions and approval amounts to stay in control at all times.

These are the fees. No surprises.

ACH bank transfer
We mail your check

First 2 checks each month through Melio are free.

Pay by card

Have a high credit line? Apply for special rates.

Instant transfer

Your vendor receives payment within minutes.1

1% Up to $50
Fast ACH bank transfer

Get your vendor paid by the end of the day.2

1% up to $30
Fast check

Get a check to your vendor within 3 business days.3

International payments (USD only)

A 2.9% fee applies when paying by card.4

$20 flat fee
By paying with a credit card, business owners can enjoy the rewards and extra float on business expenses.

Cash flow control + more rewards.

Pay your business bills with your credit card, even where cards aren’t accepted.5 You can enjoy the rewards and extra float on your business expenses.

Business owner sends vendor instant transfer.

Keep vendors happy.

Avoid late payments with Melio’s fast payment options. Choose instant transfer, same-day bank transfer, or fast check for expedited 3-day delivery.

More ways to send payments.

Combine payments

Pay multiple bills to the same vendor in a click. This saves you time on paying multiple invoices and keeps it simple for your vendors’ books.

Combine multiple bills to the same vendor into one payment
Split bills

Hang onto your cash for longer by splitting bills into multiple payments and payment methods. Partial payments give you more flexibility than ever.

Split bills into multiple payments and payment methods
Recurring payments

You can schedule payments in advance. Set this up for monthly bills, seasonal supplies or any business expense that happens more than once.

Schedule payments in advance


  1. Create an account with your email, sign in with Google or your Intuit account
  2. Fill in your company details
  3. Complete your first payment!

Currently, Melio supports these credit cards4:


  • American Express
  • Visa (with the exception of Visa consumer credit cards)
  • Mastercard
  • Discover

It’s easy for your vendor to receive payments. After you choose how you want to pay, you decide how they receive that payment. If they want to receive an ACH bank transfer, you need their account number and routing number. If they want a check, you need their mailing address. They don’t need to sign up or pay any fees to accept payments.