How to create a compelling online profile for your small business

Social media is a popular way for customers to discover interesting products and services, and engage with brands they like. But how can you make sure your business’s online profile stands out? In this video, Natalie Zfat shares her top tips for enhancing your digital presence.

Natalie Zfat
Natalie Zfat

Natalie Zfat is a social media influencer and entrepreneur who has partnered with some of the most iconic brands in the world, including Meta, Samsung, LinkedIn, and American Express.
Zfat’s beloved social media community of 100,000+ followers are dreamers, doers, and entrepreneurs, from college students to CEOs.
When she’s not engaging with them, Natalie loves sharing her thought leadership on TV, at conferences, and at universities – so much so that she earned her higher education teaching certificate from Harvard in the spring of 2021.

The importance of social media

There are more than 302 million social media users in the U.S. alone and 4.9 billion worldwide. Chances are that the first thing your potential customers will see is your social media profile.
If you had a storefront, you’d want to catch people’s eye as they walk by, giving them something nice to look at that makes them want to come in and learn more. Your social media profile is no different. And not only does your social media profile function as your storefront, but also your job board, a source for entertainment and education, and a customer service tool—just to name a few.
So how can you and your small business stand out and cut through the clutter?

“Chances are that the first thing your potential customers will see is your social media profile.”

5 ways to create a compelling online profile for your business

1. Choose the right profile photo

If you’re representing yourself, ensure you have a profile photo that is high quality, well-lit, shows eye contact, and makes you look approachable and friendly. Avoid using too many filters, and ensure your background and your attire reflect the message you want to send. This applies to all imagery.

2. Show your work

Every social media platform gives you the opportunity to showcase what you’ve accomplished, whether it’s the “experience” section on LinkedIn, your bio and “story highlights” on Instagram, or your “about” section on Facebook. Enrich your profile with relevant media mentions, portfolio items, media hits, case studies, blog posts, and anything else that you’re proud of.

3. Catch ‘em quick

Consider the first thing people will see when they land on your profile, and make it stand out. Social media attention spans are short. Give them the information they need as quickly and creatively as you can.

4. Tell your story

Every social media profile gives you the opportunity to share information about your small business. Rather than simply defining your company, tell your company’s story. How did it all begin, what inspired your business, what does the company value, and what makes it unique? Once your profiles are glowing, apply this advice to your ongoing content strategy. Tell your company story through regular posts that spotlight your services or products in ways that entertain, inspire, and educate.

“Rather than simply defining your company, tell your company’s story.”

5. Connect, connect, connect

Make it clear that you’re open to connecting and building an online community. If you reject or ignore every request to connect or you don’t follow
other people and companies, that doesn’t send the best message. Meet your customers where they’re at, and show them what it is you can offer.

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