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Behind the scenes of an audio and video design & installation business

Wes Garret founded his business after many years in the industry. His previous experience helped him make relevant contacts with European manufacturers and he got lots of support from his colleagues. However, nothing prepared him for the challenges he had to face.

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CAD Distribution was founded in 2020 by Wes Garrett in Park City, Utah. The company was built on the expertise and experience of the founder in the field of audio and video design support and installation. They currently serve about 300 dealers in North America, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. As a wholesaler of audio and video equipment, they work hard to be the best supplier in the business. They provide high-quality solutions, excellent pricing, and knowledgeable support. The business is growing, with 3 employees focused on sales, design and engineering support, and accounts.

“With the assistance of my colleagues, I was able to ramp up the business quickly, even during a national crisis.”

Wes Garrett the founder of CAD Distribution in Park City, Utah.

Why did you choose to start a business?

I was eager to start my own business after helping to start several start-ups in Utah. I found an opportunity to partner with a colleague and jumped at the chance. However, the pandemic shutdown caused my partner to exit the business and I was on my own. This was the plan all along, but the pandemic accelerated the timeline. It’s been a huge challenge and learning curve, but generally the most rewarding time in my career.

How did you start your business?

I was in the audio video Industry as the director of international sales for an audio start-up. I made contacts with European manufacturers who were looking to enter the North American market and I saw an opportunity to pave my way.

Sound solutions for music studios and others

“Running a business with too little capital is a challenge that I wish I had anticipated and prepared for in advance.”

What do you wish you’d known before you started your business?

Cash flow is the most critical aspect of distribution. This has been a difficult lesson and even more difficult to scale. Running a business with too little capital is a challenge that I wish I had anticipated and prepared for in advance.

Did you have any support in your journey?

I was able to utilize the expertise and connections of colleagues I have known for many years. With their assistance, I was able to ramp up the business quickly, even during a national crisis. The knowledge and support from colleagues were a critical step in the process of building a business from scratch.

What is your greatest challenge as a business owner?

The great thing about being a business owner is that I am my own boss, I have flexibility in my schedule, and I can generally work from anywhere. But, being a small operation with not enough resources also means I am always on the clock. Balancing this with a family is a real challenge.



Wes Garrett is the founder of CAD Distribution founded in Park City, Utah.

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