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Welcome to an inspiring journey with Sam, the creative force behind Heck Studios. Sam's venture began in 2017 and rebranded in 2021 transforming the business into a digital haven for custom designs, particularly in the bachelorette/wedding niche, bringing dreams to life, and creating custom merch designs for memorable events. Dive into this interview as Sam shares insights on entrepreneurship.

Sam the owner of Heck Studios

My name is Sam and my business is Heck Studios. I started my business (it was originally called SWdsgns) in 2017, shortly after I graduated from college. I made and sold hand-embroidered apparel. In 2021 I rebranded and shifted into digital custom designs, mostly in the bachelorette/wedding space. I now operate out of Brooklyn, NY, and have 2 part-time contractors who help me run things. We create custom merch designs for bachelorette parties, small businesses, or any other custom event that people want to commemorate!

What inspired you to become a business owner?

Growing up, all my grandparents owned their own businesses, so entrepreneurship has always been appealing to me. I started my first business as a way to keep my creativity going after graduating from fashion school. Now, my dream is to not only get to design and create for a living but to give myself the flexibility to make my schedule whatever I want.

How did you get started?

I started my business in my spare bedroom. I designed a website and posted it on social media. Then I began to do flea markets and craft fairs. But once I rebranded I really focused on TikTok to promote the business. I learned most of my design skills from my previous job (designing t-shirts) but also from being curious and practicing a lot.

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What do you wish you’d known before you started your business?

You’re not going to have a perfect plan. It’s better to jump in before you’re ready. If you’re doing something you enjoy, that’s going to get you through the beginning where you’re not sure what you’re doing on the business side.

How did you navigate being a first-time business owner?

I had a friend who acted sort of like my mentor. She also owns a business and we used to get excited both talking about what we were working on, so a business friend is really great. I also think when you start, Google is your best friend. Learn as much as you can, instead of hiding from things you don’t know how to do (especially finance/tax stuff).

“Make decisions as if you are already a successful business, instead of making decisions out of fear.”

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What advice would you give to your past self before opening your own business?

Make decisions as if you are already a successful business, instead of making decisions out of fear. This took a while for me to learn.



Sam is the owner of Heck Studios, located in Brooklyn, NY.

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