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From London to New York: The path from immigration to law and entrepreneurship

Kushal Patel Law was founded on October 8, 2021, as a boutique business and family immigration law firm in Midtown Manhattan. Leveraging many years of high-quality expertise, and an interesting personal story, Patel’s firm makes a difference in many people's lives.

Anna Coll, Kushal Patel, and Sarah Torgerson, Kushal Patel law team.

How did you begin your career in law?

My life has been profoundly influenced by immigration. My grandparents embarked on a journey from India to Kenya, and similarly, my parents relocated from India to the U.K. I was born in London and later became a U.K. solicitor, specializing in immigration and nationality law. Eventually, I made the significant decision to move to New York. Through my personal experience with the U.S. immigration system, I empathize with the challenges faced by my clients and strive to streamline the process for them.

What did you set out to do when you started your business?

Having worked for distinguished law firms, our dream has been to build a family environment where we take care of each of our clients as if they are a part of the family. Ensuring the happiness of our employees and our clients is at the foundation of what we do. Focusing on business and family immigration allows us to provide comprehensive easy-to-understand advice and assistance specific to each client’s needs for the short and long term.

“Ensuring the happiness of our employees and our clients is at the foundation of what we do.”

How did you start your business?

I started my business with a little help from my friends! We were able to use our knowledge of the industry to create a firm culture that allowed us to thrive. Many existing clients and individuals within the community were thrilled by our choice and immediately requested our immigration services, which enabled the firm to grow.

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What is your main goal?

We are very experienced and our clients are large multinational and start-up companies as well as individuals in a range of industries including finance, construction, technology, media, hospitality, and the list is long.
Our goal is to make the immigration process as painless and stress-free as possible. With complete transparency, we hold clients’ hands through every step of the process–helping businesses grow, families reunite, and individuals achieve their American dream.

Is there anything that surprised you when you started your business?

How time-consuming the administrative parts of running a business can be! Thankfully, we have been able to use services and technology to assist with much of the admin that allows the team and me to focus on providing top-tier immigration service to our clients.

What’s the top advice you would give to others?

Trust yourself and do not overcommit.

What advice would you give to your past self before opening your own business?

Do not hesitate, everything will work out, just be prepared to work hard.



Kushal Patel is the owner of Kushal Patel Law, located in Manhattan, NY.

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