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Instagram as a tool to bring clients to your accounting firm

Rhian Dodd-Tovey is a mom and an accounting business owner. She helps other small businesses with accounting services and attracts new clients through her informational Instagram page. Check out how she does it.

Rhian Dodd-Tovey, the owner of the RDT Support accounting offering bookkeeping services

RDT Support is an all-encompassing accounting firm offering bookkeeping, CFO services, payroll, and tax prep to female entrepreneurs in Kansas City. It was founded by Rhian Dodd-Tovey to ensure finances don’t hold someone back from starting their own business.

Posting on Instagram is a great way to increase sales as a small business.

What is the main channel that attracts customers to your business?

We provide bookkeeping and accounting content on Instagram to make sure our clients are up to date with what they need to do and when and to make sure they’re not missing out on any deductions for their business.

How did you start writing content for your Instagram page?

I have had my IG account since 2018. I love the platform and it’s where my clients are so it made sense for me to be in this space too.

Did you take a course about Instagram? Or did you learn everything by yourself?

It was mostly self-learned. I’ve taken a few small courses but I never felt they gave me anything new that I didn’t already know. There’s been some trial and error.

An office with content creation equipment will help you to post on Instagram

How do you design your posts and reels?

I use Canva and Mojo mainly and reels are filmed straight in the IG app.

How do people react to your posts? And did you ever get negative feedback? (and if so, about what?)

I’ve never had any negative feedback. People love the information and I think it helps build my brand awareness and shows our knowledge about our subject.

Have you ever tried a different channel or was Instagram your first choice?

I have a Facebook page but it’s a direct copy of my IG posts. I get better interaction on IG and it takes less monitoring. I know I should be on TikTok and LinkedIn but at the moment I only have time for one platform unless they can be directly replicated on the other channel.

“Rhian Dodd-Tovey is posting about tax preparations, tips about time management, and inspirational content as a female entrepreneur.”

Learn the data of your Instagram business account.

What is your best advice for a new accounting business?

Be humble, be kind. Business takes time to grow and scale. Work with people who are also kind and you’ll find you can communicate better and more efficiently making it a much nicer experience for everyone!!

“You can find a mix of designed photos with professional content, pictures from her day, and short reels with more personal quotes on her business page.”

What advice would you give to your past self before opening your own business?

You can do it. Others believe in you, believe in yourself. Start, don’t keep waiting until the time or content is right because it never will be.



Rhian Dodd-Tovey is the owner of the RDT Support accounting firm that offers bookkeeping services.

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