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Turning creative marketing into a business

Technology Aloha, a boutique creative agency founded by Jillyn Dillon in Maui in 2012, specializes in strategic positioning, brand development, and custom website design. Discover how it started and became a business that uses design to grow other businesses.

Jillyn Dillon founder of Technology Aloha

What was your dream when you started your business?

I aimed to lead a purpose-driven team doing meaningful work that helps our clients succeed on their own terms. Now I proudly collaborate with talented, passionate professionals as we guide our valued clients toward their definitions of success.

How did you start your business?

Technology Aloha began at the intersection of my desire to live and work here in Maui and the immense need I saw in the business community. I launched the business to bring solutions tailored to Maui companies, but it turns out that need isn’t just on Maui. My focus remains on helping fellow small business owners turn their passions into thriving enterprises.

“My focus remains on helping fellow small business owners turn their passions into thriving enterprises.”

What is the competitive advantage you have compared to others?

Our marketing strategy adopts a holistic perspective, encapsulating the true essence of our clients. We also provide cost-effective maintenance plans for the websites we construct, which gives us a distinct drive to deliver functional, sustainable, and enduring sites.

What is the one thing you really like about your job as a business owner?

Problem-solving and discovering solutions bring me immense satisfaction. Together with my experience and passion for helping businesses reach their full potential, I possess a distinctive and robust skill set. This enables me to assist clients in clarifying and attaining their objectives effectively.

What do you wish you’d known before you started your business?

Wow – so many things! I wish I had fully realized just how hard, yet deeply rewarding, being a small business owner is. There were terrifying moments in those early days filled with uncertainty. Looking back though, those struggles taught me invaluable lessons and shaped me into a stronger leader. My business pushes me to grow in ways I never would have.

“Struggles taught me invaluable lessons and shaped me into a stronger leader.”

Jillyn Dillon founder of Technology Aloha smiling at the camera

Can you name something that helped you in the beginning?

Having a trusted group of fellow small business owners in my corner was invaluable. They provided advice, encouragement, connections, and referrals — and I needed all of those things.

What advice would you give to your past self before opening your own business?

Start with a plan, then execute. I jumped in with both feet, but my path would have been smoother with an initial strategy. Of course, plans flex as you learn, but frameworks prevent flailing. Create a plan then start, learn, and adapt as you go. Progress compounds. Take small, imperfect steps forward now, course correct later.



Jillyn Dillon founder of Technology Aloha, located in Kahului, HI.


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